A Materials Science Company Succeeding Through Partnerships

AquaSmart™ is a research-driven innovator leveraging advanced materials science to improve countless traditional substrates. For example, our water-related products leverage a revolutionary polymer coating process that absorbs, retains and releases water in an unprecedented fashion, improving the use of H2O in concrete, energy, agriculture, sports and countless other industries.

Our technologies are entering the marketplace at critical points of need through a network of relationships that is steadily growing in its reach and influence.

Oil & Gas

Flow farther – Increase Production
The enhanced transport of our self-suspending sand is the next advancement in hydraulic fracturing technology, helping our energy partners increase Oil & Gas production by up to 26% while reducing cost per BOE by saving on horsepower, chemicals, water, and wear and tear on equipment.


Perform Better – Reduce cost
Rigorous third-party testing shows the effectiveness of our patented concrete technologies. We coat materials ranging from fine aggregate to waste sand, transforming them to act and perform like an admixture, changing the game for Ready Mix and Aggregate companies.

Lawn & Garden

Grow More – Water Less
Traditionally, mixing soil and water just creates mud, but AquaSmart’s™ nutrient flexibility and remarkable absorption are changing the game for lawns, landscaping, ballfields and even horse arenas. Whether you’re a landscaper managing a subdivision or a home gardener, we have a solution for you.


Germinate Faster – Yield Higher
Seed coating is the name of the game in agriculture, with seed hitting the dirt shrouded in nutrients and water-absorbent polymers, yielding enhanced germination, early establishment, and better overall crop.

Interested in distributing or licensing any of our technologies?

The chemical bonding strength of our technology is rivaled only by the tight, trust-based bonds we form with our business partners and our innovative culture with 25-plus different patents in seven years. Let’s talk.